App Website

A single page scrolling website for a fictional carpooling app called 'Carp'.


Developer, Designer


Jul 03, 2019




Pug, Sass, JavaScript


This is a simple, single page scrolling website I created for a fictional carpooling app called 'Carp'. For this website, I hoped to create a very clean and simple website that looked professional but friendly. To that end, I chose a sans-serif font that was quite round, and featured rounded periods as opposed to square ones. The colours are quite subdued, with the photos on the website adding the truly bright colours. In order to further bring a warmer feeling to the website, the background is set to a very light cream colour, which takes away some of the harshness of pure white.


Some simple animation was added to the site. The buttons bounce up when the user hovers over them and the navigation bar reacts to scroll position and scroll direction. Upon scrolling down the navigation will disappear, and it comes back and stays fixed to the top if the user scrolls up. The website is fully responsive, which is important as it is promoting a mobile app.