Magazine Cover & Website

A magazine cover for a pixel art magazine, along with a website mockup.




Feb 21, 2019




InDesign, Graphics Gale


This project was first created for my Design Aesthetics course at BCIT. The assignment was to come up with a magazine concept, and then to create a magazine cover, a website layout for the magazine, and a promotional banner. After much debate and mind-changing, I decided to create a pixel art focused magazine. The purpose of the magazine was to promote pixel art and pixel artists as I felt that the art form was underappreciated in this current age of super detailed 3D graphics.


A major challenge of this project was acquiring pixel art images that could be used in the project. As there is no free 'stock pixel art' like there are stock photos, I decided to remedy this by creating my own pixel art as well as borrowing some old game art that a classmate had previously created and was kind enough to let me use.