Mantou Social Media UI

A UI design for a social media app for both picture sharing and micro-blogging.




Oct 27, 2019






A UI design for a social media app that focuses on photosharing and micro-blogging. They serve as mockups for the mobile app version of Art.Space (an art sharing platoform project that was completed in collaboration with a fellow classmate from school). Initial sketches were done with pen and paper. Both the wireframes and mockups were done in Figma.


The purpose of the app was to let artists share both their thoughts (text) and their art (photos) conveniently. The target audience is young artists who wish to share their art with others and jumpstart their career online. This app aims to combine the concept (and benefits) of social media with more traditional art sharing websites like DeviantArt or ArtStation.


The like and repost system would allow artists to easily expose their art to a larger audience, and also makes it convenient for others to keep up with their favourite artists. The tag system also lets users search for art, and addionally helps to categorize and organize artwork. The design aims to be simple and minimal in order to not take away from user uploads. The menu system is located at the bottom of the screen so that it is more convenient for users to navigate, as phones get larger and larger, it becomes harder and harder to reach the top of the screen. The menu will be highlighted blue to indicate to the user where they currently are.