Chat App UI

A UI design for a messaging/chat app.




Oct 27, 2019






A UI design for a messaging / chat app. The app allows users to add or import contacts and to hold text conversations with their contacts. Initial sketches were done with pen and paper. Both the wireframes and mockups were done in Figma.


Many messaging applications nowadays come packed to the brim with features, many of which have nothing to do with the core feature of 'chatting'. So, I decided to create an app that cuts out all the fat and focuses purely on the messaging aspect of a messaging app.


A very minimal chat app. The main screen that the app opens to shows the list of conversations that the user has engaged in previously. The menu is shown on the bottom to allow users to more easily navigate the app (phone screens are quite large nowadays, making it difficult to reach the top of the screen). Users can navigate to their list of contacts, which is divided up into different categories in order to help the user more easily find who they are looking for. Additionally, there is a global search that searches through all conversations for specific keywords. However, if a user wishes to search within just a single conversation, they can access this from the menu within the specific conversation itself.