A website that fetches data from and API and displays information on the first 151 Pokemon.


Developer, Designer


Jun 06, 2019




React, Sass, API


This project was a personal project that I created in order to learn both about React and about APIs and how to use them. Though I had previously done a couple of simple apps in react (like a To-Do-List), this was my React app of significance. I first began this project by searching for APIs that were available for use, and decided on the PokeApi as Pokemon was a show that I had enjoyed as a child, and I decided that it would provide some added fun.


The resulting app is a simplified pokedex that provides basic information on the first 151 pokemon. On the main page, the first 151 pokemon are organized according to their Pokemon IDs, and are shown against a background that represents their elemental types. There is a search bar near the top that lets users filter through the pokemon, and if a user clicks on a pokemon, they will be brought to the individual pokemon's page where some basic information will be displayed, along with an evolution chart for that specific pokemon line.