UI Kit / Branding

A small UI kit for a fictional bubble tea company: Monotea. The kit includes headers, colours, basic buttons, and input fields, and a logo.




Jun 26, 2019






This project was created for the purposes of practicing branding. Monotea is a fictional up and coming bubble tea brand that focuses on selling extravagent and beautiful looking specialty teas. The target audience is the teens and young adults crowd that enjoys taking pictures for social media. The brand colours are yellow and black as it seemed appropriate for a bubble tea brand to be focused around a strong, bright colour. The black on the otherhand is used to bring elegance and a sense of being modern to the brand. As the target audience is those who like taking pictures of beautiful looking drinks, the site should look just as aesthetically pleasing.


The font used for the logo is 'Moon 2.0', which is a very round sans-serif font. The body text would be written in 'Clear Sans', which is another very simple and clean sans-serif font, but which is less round than 'Moon 2.0'. The various other elements in the UI Kit are all rounded to give the site a more friendly and inviting look, and one that is less rigid and corporate looking. The logo for the company consists of either the full name spelled out with the first 'o' coloured in solid, or an alternative logo would be the first half of the name: 'mono' repeated twice and stacked on top of each other, with the coloured in circles alternating.